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Our Approach

Tinker’s business is to help organizations be effective in surprising and rapidly changing, disrupted environments.

We work with sources of innovation (e.g., startups, researchers, communities), industry leaders and sources of funding to create kick-ass Disruptive Innovation growth environments.

A young and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is the most productive source of disruption. Established companies are the most effective in bringing these innovations to the market, and in recent years they have become a significant source of funding. Tinker’s job is to bring the sources of innovation and the established companies together and to create well-funded growth environments.

With selected startups, we work closely, on core purpose, storytelling, strategy, funding, financial and business planning and more.

With established companies, we work on specific disruptive innovation programs to engage, support and co-develop exciting new technologies and innovations that will better our lives.

Let’s Talk

The Tinkers

Shahar Larry
Shahar LarryTinker, Thinker, Storyteller
About Shahar, as told by Anna:
“Shahar is a professional problem solver. He founded Tinker because he recognized a major problem – the world is changing fast. Sometimes too fast, and established organizations are struggling to keep up. Now, he uses his superpowers of observation, questions-asking, creative thinking and fearlessness (to list a few) to realize his MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose): help transition a million organizations into disruption.
Shahar enjoys speaking about disruption, innovation, storytelling and strategy in front of various audiences, as much as he can. He is an expert in strategy development, strategic innovation, story development and marketing, and an experienced entrepreneur.
He is also married to Tali, and father to Shaie and Ziv. They are even more awesome.”
Anna Blekhman
Anna Blekhman Innovation Associate and Professional Wonderer
About Anna, as told by Shahar:
“So, I’m supposed to tell you about Anna, which is weird, because I recruited Anna, so naturally, I think she’s exceptional. I’ll do my best.
Anna is bad-ass. You need to be bad-ass to be a Tinker. She’s bad-ass not because she is fearless (which would have been easier). She’s bad-ass because she is determined to know, grow and be of value and therefore she is as brave and as fierce as they come. Dealing with today’s world, challenging the norms, considering the improbable, all things that make a Tinker (heck, working with me) you have to have a backbone that is both as strong as titanium and as light and flexible as carbon fiber. That’s Anna.
What else? Well, She’s a bit dreamy at times, she is always sharp-tongued, but she is kind – so it rarely hurts. Don’t play trivia with her. Use puns, she likes that.”

Don’t just take our word

“Shahar and his Tinker team are truly inspirational. They tend to take you to the limit of innovative and disruptive thinking (including long discussions into the night, when necessary), a crucial process for those who really want to make a difference. We’ve had the privilege (and fun) to work closely with Tinker and the results are amazing. Tinker lit a creative spark in us that is now a true part of our company’s DNA. Thanks Tinker – you’re awesome!”

Nimrod Gruber, CEO, Coinmama

“Tinkers have their unique way to clarify your messy thoughts about your business. They have a way of making your strategy real, living and breathing, with their added spice. Tinkers have that secret ingredient that can turn what you want to something you want even more.”

Ravit Sasson, Innovation Leader

“The Tinkers are not for the faint-hearted. They think way different than innovation think-tanks and definitely much, much farther than your run-of-the-mill management consultancy. They think beyond change management and innovation. Way beyond. This is what makes the Tinkers so great at handling scary, real-world disruption.

If you need your business’s story told in an unconventional, compelling way, go call the Tinkers. If you feel the need to rethink the strategy of your startup, go see the Tinkers. If you want damn smart insights on all things disruptive to the status-quo of business (your business), go ask the Tinkers. And if you want access to amazing startups that are still under the radar, go write an e-mail to the Tinkers.

Do it now. Really, what are you waiting for?”

Inga Thor, CEO, Tringular

“Shahar and Anna were quick to learn the domain we operate in, and through a vivid discussion, helped us clarify our vision and find the optimal way to present it to major stakeholders.

If you look for someone that will help you seek and think of issues differently than the way you are used to, Tinker is the right team for you.”

Lilach Shvimer-Rothschild, COO, Novotalk

“Shahar presents excellent insight on providing essentials on any business in a volatile and risky environment. He is a very good speaker and teacher, evoking vivid discussions on management and how to envisage it: how to build confidence, to commit people and build discipline then support and build trust.”

Senior Executive, Orange (global)

“Shahar is an outstanding leader of Innovation, business development, and implementation of resources and processes. His guiding voice helps you step out from the day to day pond of grey business, dry out, and march forward. He did brilliantly helping myself and my team take the new product development of Ehrmann AG forward, but moreover 3 years later when I came to Shahar with my own idea, he helped pro bono just because he found the raw idea interesting, with passion and curiosity of a child, helping me with deep thoughtful exercises to realize a yes or no answer whether to take this project forward. I think he spots the potential of projects and generates brilliant concepts. Looking forward to working and interacting with Shahar in the future.”

Avi Bessler, Acting MD, HARIBO Russia

“I have worked for 25 years with strategy consultants. Few stand out. Shahar does. His quick grasp of the issues in a highly complex, regulated industry was impressive. He was brilliant at engaging the team, inspiring them to think differently and solve our issue at hand. Solutions were innovative but able to be implemented. I am indeed a raving fan!”

Innovation Director, Eli Lilly

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